Haleigh & Josh - Our Iceland Adventures

Iceland – the land of fire and ice. Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever had the opportunity to visit. When we started planning our adventure to Iceland, I was honestly surprised at how many people said to me, “What’s in Iceland?” "I have never really heard of Iceland?" "Is there even anything to do there?"

WHHHATT!! I could not believe it. You have not heard of Irelands beauty before? Maybe that is because I follow way too many photographers/travelers on social media and I am often reminded of the diverse landscape Iceland has to offer. We went in June, in the midst of the Midnight Sun. It never got dark here, it was always daylight, which was so wild to me.

If you have ever heard of Iceland, the only thing you have probably seen a picture of at one time is this famous waterfall. Skogafoss Waterfall – it is MASSIVE. Of our many adventures together, we started here. A perfect start if you ask me. Haleigh + Josh braved the cold spray mist coming from the powerful waterfall. 

Onto the next stop..

Our next stop, another well-known spot in Iceland. Reynisfjara Beach! One of the most iconic black sand beaches in Iceland. This beach can be dangerous, sneaker waves are a real threat here. Just be prepared, and always keep an eye on the ocean and never have your back to the water. Another point, because this beach is popular, it can also get very busy. We did go in the middle of the day, which isn't always ideal, but the incredible views made up for it. Thier outfits were on point!!

This beach has so many photographable areas! & ahh, Haleigh's red dress was spectacular here!!

Our last location..

Our last location, but this might have been my favorite location. Actually, I know it was my favorite, haha! This stop was utterly unplanned. We were just driving from one location to our next stop for the night and seen all these beautiful flowers on the side of the road. It truly looked like a scene out of a movie. So, we turned around, and walked to this spot. Just a little pull-off on the side of the road. Our campervan wouldn’t fit, so we parked at a gas station down the road and walked up here.

Now, I have been to many different places and seen many beautiful sites in my lifetime. But this, this was jaw-dropping. It was hard to believe this was real. The beauty, with the mountains in the background. Ahhh, perfection! Haleigh had an Icelandic wool sweater she wanted to use for one of our spots, she knew this was the perfect place to use it. 

The Lupines, which are actually a highly invasive weed, just went on for miles. As far as our eye could see.

Iceland was truly a dream! I had so much while in this beautiful country.